Introducing LifeLogicsTM TrueNorthTM integration with MediGO ScoutlineTM

Deliver confidence by saving valuable time and preventing costly data entry errors

MediGO and LifeLogics, independent technology leaders in the organ donation field, have partnered to create a seamless integration between their OPO software platforms. The MediGO Scoutline logistics platform can now be easily accessed by TrueNorth customers within the same data management solution.

The MediGO – LifeLogics Integration Benefits

Improved visibility of team members

Less time spent exchanging numerous phone calls and texts

Enhanced scheduling of operating rooms

Improve relationships with OPOs

Improved patient care

Significant cost savings

By fueling transportation and providing efficient logistics, the TrueNorth- Scoutline integration helps avoid extra shipping time.

Increased staff productivity
OPOs can preserve valuable team member time by eliminating dual entry of information, such as UNOS ID or shipment origin.

Streamlined workflows
Seamless connectivity improves user experience and enhances team member satisfaction.

Reduced Opportunities for error
Automated sharing of key information related to the case and shipment reduces the likelihood of manual data entry error and provides valuable peace of mind to all stakeholders.


Embedded MediGO view for organ logistics withinTrueNorth for simplifying OPO user experience

Created shared data for customer ease of use

Single sign-on user authentication

Centralized communication platform

Sync data fields on donor cases

Industry-leading ETAs

How can TrueNorth users access Scoutline?

Integrating this new solution is easy! Get started by contacting your LifeLogics representative. The integration will then be available to authorized users on the transportation page for all cases that have a UNOS ID.

Integrating our industry-leading systems greatlyenhances the value of our solutions to our customers.By automating and streamlining organ donationworkflows, we make it easier for our OPO partners tosave more lives.

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