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Delivering Confidence in Organ Transplant Logistics and Resource Management

MediGO streamlines transplant center workflows to improve logistics and increase organ utilization. Our technology synchronizes transplant coordinators, surgeons, anesthesiologists, labs, care teams, and OR staff keeping all departments and teams informed and aligned from allocation to post-surgical follow up at all times optimizing the transplant workflow and the OR timing. The MediGO solution provides full transparency and precision HIPAA compliant communication throughout the transplant process dramatically reducing phone calls and driving efficiency. Transplant TeamLink delivers the most accurate organ time of arrival informing key transplant center stakeholders in real-time to optimize their workflow to better manage hospital schedules.

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Coordinated Communications
Remote and facility-based teams use the same HIPAA compliant platform for synchronization around each organ case including triaging, messaging, and uploading photos, videos and documents providing updates and team synchronization as a transplant episode progresses.

Actionable Data
Improve operational efficiencies and increase revenue with proprietary reports and data your center owns.

Accurate Organ Arrival Times
Enables transplant teams to optimize workflows, dynamically adjust hospital schedules and align cases to prepare for incoming organs.

All transplant center and hospital teams use one dashboard to coordinate with case centered communication and transparency on incoming organs with ETAs, enabling teams to collaborate in real-time and adjust schedules and the plan of care when needed.

Precision Organ Location
Allows your transplant center team to account for delays and save money when scheduling surgical suites.

Intelligent Notifications
Team members are alerted to events that may delay arrival or require intervention.

Impacted Outcomes 
Management of complex logistics will improve efficiency to save more lives.

MediGO gives care teams more confidence at every moment through 

Real-time GPS monitoring

MediGO Scoutline™ puts the power of proactivity into your hands. With real-time, precision data on every shipment, care teams can more accurately monitor transportation, adjust plans to account for potential delays, and make informed decisions in advance of medical procedures.

Real-time Organ Location 

Accurate Organ ETAs 

Coordinated Communication 

Transplant Delivery Management Features 

Geoposition Data

All organs and their modes of transportation are visible and trackable in a single dashboard

Progress Bars

All inbound organs can be seen in their journey for quick visual reference of shipment status and arrival time


This provides visibility to transplant centers on inbound organs from multiple OPOs. An excellent tool for organizing vital resources


Automatic notifications for events that may delay or change the logistical plan or actionable ETAs for the organ on its journey to the Transplant Center


Communicate with all active participants, extended team members, couriers, and surgeons in real-time on a centralized channel

Impacted Outcomes

Transplant Centers can identify and connect all internal resources and staff to impact operational efficiencies and overall ROI

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