The most efficient way for a Transplant Center to take control of its workflow is the Transplant Delivery Management module from MediGO. All inbound organs are tracked from the OPOs and donor hospitals in a single platform and transplant centers for the first time have full access to the most accurate actionable ETAs available.

MediGO gives care teams more confidence at every moment through

Real-time GPS monitoring

MediGO Scoutline™ puts the power of proactivity into your hands. With real-time, precision data on every shipment, care teams can more accurately monitor transportation, adjust plans to account for potential delays, and make informed decisions in advance of medical procedures.

Real-time GPS monitoring

Machine Learning

accurate ETAs

Transplant Delivery Management Features 

Geoposition Data

All organs and their modes of transportation are visible and trackable in a single dashboard.

Progress Bars

All inbound organs can be seen in their progression for quick visual reference of shipment status and arrival time.


This provides visibility to transplant centers on inbound organs from multiple OPOs. An excellent tool for organizing resources, allocating staff.


Automatic notifications as to any events that may delay or change the logistical plan or actionable ETAs for the organ on its journey to the Transplant Center.


Communicate with all active participants, extended team members, couriers, and surgeons in real-time on a centralized channel using masked phone numbers and secure sessions to protect privacy.

Halo Effect

Transplant Centers can identify and connect all internal resources and staff to impact operational efficiencies and overall ROI.

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