Organ TeamLinkTM

The MediGO Benefits

Improved visibility of team members

Less time spent exchanging numerous phone calls and texts

Enhanced scheduling of operating rooms

Improve relationships with OPOs

Improved patient care

Significant cost savings

Visualize each new referral and teammates’ availability status and location to optimize referral response.

Ensure personnel arrive in time for key events, such as family conversations, brain death testing, or recovery surgery.

Provide outbound team members with ETAs of oncoming relief staff.

Provide location data, industry-leading ETAs and field reports for all cases.


Visibility of Personnel
An interactive map shows active referral cases and  available personnel, allowing OPOs to coordinate the quickest response.

Referral Management
Shows a complete list of all active cases and case notes which helps to streamline workflows.

The system is equipped with notification features allowing OPOs to broadcast notification updates to all subscribed stakeholders.

Secure Communication
A HIPAA-compliant secure messaging feature gives team members the ability to update case management notes in real time.

Intelligent Dispatch
Dispatch your team using proprietary algorithms that show team whereabouts to ensure workloads are balanced.