OPO Delivery Management

Provide better visibility into organ shipments 

OPO Delivery Management provides transparency to all stakeholders when shipping organs from the donor to the transplant center. Sophisticated analytics and centralized communication allow OPOs to coordinate logistics and manage organs recovered for transplant. MediGO’s solution provides subscribed stakeholders with smart ETAs and precise location and event-based data to provide actionable intel during the transportation of life-saving organs.

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The MediGO Difference 

Enhanced communication between stakeholders

Reduced cold ischemic times

Improved transplant rates by reallocating organs if needed

Less time spent exchanging numerous phone calls and texts

Improved relationships with transplant centers

Peace of mind for organ team members

Enhanced HIPAA-compliant stakeholder communications

Reduced cold ischemic times

Monitored event-based data

Notification of dynamic changes and critical events

Improved coordination with transplant stakeholders

Enhanced team member satisfaction


Location Status
Industry-leading visibility of all unattended box organ shipments

ETA Progress Bar
Industry-leading dynamic ETAs keep all stakeholders aligned for medical coordination

Itinerary Management
Platform offers the ability to edit itineraries and assign and manage couriers

Intelligent Updates
Geolocation-based notifications are provided within the centralized communications hub

Chat interface allows for 1:1, group and shipping-specific HIPAA compliant chats

Mobile App
Allows all team members to access the platform when en route

Centry Tracker Management

MediGO is always innovating to improve our solutions for our customers. We are excited to launch a new feature that enhances visibility of tracker inventory. Announcing: Centry™ Tracker Management! This tool will give users more information on tracker battery status, facilitate more efficient trip set ups, and provide tools for communication to Transplant Centers about tracker returns.

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