MediGO gives care teams more confidence at every moment through

Real-time GPS monitoring

MediGO Scoutline™ puts the power of proactivity into your hands. With real-time, precision data on every shipment, care teams can more accurately monitor transportation, adjust plans to account for potential delays, and make informed decisions in advance of medical procedures.

Real-time GPS monitoring

Machine Learning

accurate ETAs

MediGO cares about the transplant community that we serve.

Our mission is to save lives, so we find organizations that do just that.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a local organization that supports transplant patients through their entire journey. In 2008, the transplant social workers at Johns Hopkins Hospital developed the Stepping Stones Transplant Patient Assistance Fund. This fund assists adult and pediatric patients who have received a heart, lung, liver, kidney and/or pancreas transplant at Johns Hopkins. As people recover from their transplant surgery and try to get back on their feet, many patients and their family members/caregivers find themselves losing time from work. At the same time, they have to find a way to manage increased expenses from medical costs, travel to appointments, parking, etc. This adds stress to an already stressful situation. Stepping Stones has been able to alleviate some of that burden.

About Stepping stones

Stepping Stones has raised funds through raffles at holiday parties, bingo nights, donations from staff and patients, and activities like t-shirt sales. So many dedicated members of the Comprehensive Transplant Center have come together over the years to help support Stepping Stones. With the funds raised, we are able to assist patients with things like gas to get to appointments, parking vouchers, grocery gift cards, electricity bills, car repairs and more. If a patient and their family are struggling, we want to find a way to help so they have the best chance to be successful with managing transplant. 100% of all funds donated or raised for Stepping Stones go directly to patient support.

If you are interested in supporting Stepping Stones and the post-transplant patients at Johns Hopkins, you may donate online by following this link and choosing "Stepping Stones Patient Assistance Fund" from the button below:

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TRIO Maryland

TRIO Maryland (Transplant Recipients International Organization) is a membership organization working to improve the quality of life for transplant recipients, candidates, and their families. Donor families, transplant professionals, and others in the community are welcome.  Individuals who have undergone transplant surgery provide peer support for others in the transplant community.  By sharing personal experiences, chapter members complement the counseling provided by healthcare professionals; they offer a special understanding that comes only from firsthand experience of the transplant process. During the monthly educational series, speakers share their expertise on a transplant topic.

“We are here to help you navigate your Transplant Journey”

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Gifted Productions

Gifted Productions is on a mission to inspire people about organ donation through factual storytelling and education. People are dying every day while waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant, so Gifted Productions is bringing these stories to life in a docuseries coming in Summer 2023. Click here to learn more and donate to the cause.

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